Hello everyone.
I'm a 17 year old girl from Germany. I love wintersport, skijumping, biathlon, bob, sledding all in all I like the most wintersport. But at most I like skijumping, my favourit team is the Austria team. I like every jumper of the team, although my favourit jumper is Gregor Schlierenzauer, he is sympatico, kind, friendly. I think he is the best jumper over the world. However I also have sympatics for other skijumpers like Anders Jacobsen from Norway. Moreover I like athletics and the olympic games, also I like different music bands all in all I like much stuff.
I love my friends more than everything. They know everything about me and they know everytime how they can make me happy. If you want to know anything, just ask :)

22nd November 2013

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Gregor Schlierenzauer via Austria Skijumping

Gregor Schlierenzauer via Austria Skijumping

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